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This Linux Tutorial video will help you get started with Linux Administration. This Linux tutorial will also give you an introduction to the basic Linux commands so that you can start using the Linux CLI. Do watch the video till the very end to see all the demonstration. Below are the topics covered in this tutorial:

1) Why go for Linux?
2) Various distributions of Linux
3) Basic Linux commands: ls, cd, pwd, clear commands
4) Working with files & directories: cat, vi, gedit, mkdir, rmdir,…


  1. You have lot of Linux videos . so please mention numbering for each tutorial or please sort all the videos what comes next based on previous video because the next concept will be link up the previous video then only we will understand.

  2. Hi There, If the tutorial 1 and 2 is completed and understand the Linux operations, can I say I can be a System Administrator for Linux ? Because I was looking for a course to be a Sys Admin on Linux. Please help me.

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