Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 13 – Groups and More

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  1. Hello, Please whenever I try to install an app using apt it says something not cool and I have tried to update it and I guess it worked but still says he same stuff…..Say I wanna download matrix mode. This is what it says below (Reading package list …. Done
    Building Dependency tree
    Reading state information ….. Done
    E: Unable to locate package cmatrix)… Please I need some help.

  2. I was wondering if "sudo userdel mom" deletes the user from the whole system or does it just delete it from the group? I would expect "sudo userdel nurses mom" to delete the user just from the nurses group, correct me if I'm wrong. BTW, great Linux tutorials!

  3. Excellent video series. Reading those linux command books is not as helpful as seeing the information demonstrated. I wish other tutorials were as practical and easy to follow as yours. I hope you do additional series on other subjects, such as Raspberry Pi, Python, etc.

  4. I work at a hospital too. Is there a difference between surgeons and doctors? Doctors might think they are better than everyone else, but surgeons are sure they are and have no problem letting you know it ;-P

  5. you're awesome buddy! 😀
    and please don't think like ''nobody watches the extra explanation given by me so why the heck should i waste my time on explaining them?" cause i'm always there eagerly waiting for the explanations 🙂

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