1. Hey Bucky, love the videos… one question if you only have the private key on a single computer and you disable the password login if your computer breaks or gets stolen how would you be able to log back into you server?

  2. Hey, i would be very thankful if someone can help me please! im only beginner !

    i have external Hard Drive , and 5 users with password for that NAS IP. 

    when i try to log in from the terminal i can log in only by root ! although the user and the password are true! 

    i want that users can log in SSH from different places with different wifi and to can connect between others !

    it's weird that when i open my computer i can see the other users in the shared folders .. but how we can really share with each other with files and how can i do it work from other places if i log in with the right user and password ?


  3. Can multiple people use the same ssh key at the same time? Can people even be logged into the same user at the same? Or would you just make other su accounts with different ssh keys?

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