Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 19 – Creating Partitions with GParted

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  1. hmm.. didn't found what I'm looking for. I'm trying to unmounts but its says unable to unmounts due to logical swaps is in use. argh! frustrating! I'm not used to Linux system.

  2. hey, nice tutorial, i have a question….. the root partition of my OS has taken the whole hard disk, now i wanted to dual boot another OS but, there is no space, can i shrink the size of the root partition, will there be any problem doing that??

  3. I am running Linux mint along side Windows 10, I managed to use Gparted to shrink the W10 partition, ( unfortunately Gparted can no longer read the Windows ntfs partition ) but I can't figure out how to expand the Linux partition which is almost full up, I have 200Gi of unallocated space to use, but I am stuck in how to get my Linux partition to use the unllocated space available.

  4. im having a problem on having audio on some of your videos like the c and c++ while the other videos play perfectly fine and i find it to be playing perfectly fine in my mobile

  5. show us how to compile files in terminal in c++, i have trouble figuring out how to use ncurses instead of conio.h in gcc( i don't know how to pause my program to see the result)

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