Linux Tutorial for Beginners – 9 – Verify Files Using Checksum

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  1. Hey Bucky! Firstly I have to appreciate you man! This is a great Tutorial Playlist and you are doing a great job bro! I have a question regarding the hash code. So, the download link in the website that you showed displays a hash. But, I don't see any hashes in any other websites where we download files. Is there a specific way we could retrieve a hash from a download link?

  2. Awesome but – no offense to the guy that made the vid 🙂 – if you're in a hurry, blah, blah, blah – instructions start at 3:30. My terminal doesn't do the "red text" trick but it works, nevertheless. If you just want all entries in one screenshot, jump to 6:34

  3. Not sure if linux has a similar command, because im pretty sure its just a TCP/IP command, but in w7 command prompt netstat -b will show you programs running on the network that can help you if potential malware is running on your network.

  4. 7:59 You assume that checking the file on some other computer with separate wi fi that that system is not compromised by an intermediary hacker. Ultimately neither is completely failsafe in preventing corrupted files. How about ignoring this step completely and explaining what to do if the computer gets infected. Isn't Linux supposed to have less viruses?

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