Linux Tutorial for Beginners | Lesson 1 [HD]

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In Lesson 1 you will learn about the ls, cd and pwd commands with super easy to understand examples!

Every command is explained in greater detail here:

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  1. You need to get closer to the microphone your voice is so low on the video that I cannot hear what you are saying .I have the volume all the way up on the speakers and can barely hear a tiny voice .  To bad I am a linux beginner and really need this info . 

  2. If you only want to use Linux in a similar way to a Windows or Mac OS (i.e., clicking on windows), you certainly can do so. My parents can barely use email and they have no trouble with Ubuntu; it's very easy. However, if you want to do more complicated things, you can also do that, too. You can go into the DOS terminal on a PC by clicking Start > cmd. Mac has a similar kernel to Linux. They can be similar, but Linux is much more versatile and it's also free. Free and versatile is popular.

  3. Linux is a better way to control a computer system. If you like computers and want to understand the way they work – and maybe make a career as a programmer / sysadmin – Linux is a really nice way to go. Does that answer your question?

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