Linux Tutorial: The Power of the Linux Find Command

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Check out my new Linux channel: Sadly in Linux, certainly Ubuntu, the default GUI file search is not always useful. With a little patience you’ll find files quickly using the command line, where your options are most powerful. Fight for the users in our Discord:


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  5. Hey Nixie Pixel, I'm a newbie to linux. I sold my Windows laptop, and my windows gaming machine crashed not long ago. I was handy enough around some computer hardware to build my own system from scratch, but in resistance to forking over more money to Microsoft or illegally cloning a friend's hard drive for a copy of Windows, I loaded SteamOS (Running on Debian 7). I actually like the interface alot, but still am lost in many aspects. Honestly, when i first started to play with the machine I could not even get videos to load. I loaded a bunch of software in the software installer and installed flash many different ways… No avail… then one day after a computer restart videos magically started loading on my new linux pc. I am trying to upload other software on my computer… maybe Wine so I can play some of my favorite PC games, I'll also probably also need GIMP photo editing software, and I'll definately need to get a Microsoft Office replacement. Any quick suggestions of video tutorials to look up with my specific build of Linux to get me rolling?

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