1. You sound like my little brother but your video helped me a lot. Thank you very much. I was looking at ways to create personalised Linux LiveCD and I was asked to take a look at susestudio. Your step-by-step visual guide was easy and practical way to learn instead of reading through manuals.

    Btw, you got 'enable PAE' option because you originally selected 32-bit architecture. If you have 32-bit system, you cannot have RAM more than 4GB. But the technique of PAE (Physical Address Extension) allows one to use more than 4GB RAM even on 32-bit system. If you actually have a 32-bit linux installed anywhere, you can type 'uname -r' in the terminal. You can see the kernel name usually ends with '-pae' to indicate that this feature has been enabled.

    Anyways, good luck and keep such videos coming…

  2. Every time some asshole who thinks he's too cool for everyone opens his fat mouth bitching about noobs he actively damages linux and the community.

    Everyone was a noob once, and when you bitch and get hostile all you do is chase off potential users; shit Microsoft ought to pay you for your service.

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