Linux: Ubuntu 18.04 XFCE Impressions (Beta 2)

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I’m also ‘Termy’ on the Linux Mint support forums.

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  1. I don't know fellas. I used 18.04 on an old laptop, and it would never run any other Ubuntu version, and now it runs on 18.04 great as ever, not a single problem so far.(Edit: But then again, I'm using it for very basic purposes ^^ heheXD)

  2. I think 18.04 is too far away from being polished. Tried daily version LTS 18.04 GNOME several days ago. Crash after crash. I wonder, will it be well cooked for the release day?! By the way my Mint 18.3 XFCE surprised me with broken MINTUPDATE tool yesterday after installing some utilities with Python3 dependences. Can not run it and find any solution to solve. Using terminal for update. Interesting, is problem with me or with the distro?)))) Thanks for video.

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