Linux Ubuntu 8.10 (Get Linux Today!)

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Linux Ubuntu 8.10 (Get Linux Today!)

First of all download the Linux Ubuntu 9.10 from the site:

ISO to CD from:


  1. buster,install linux if you are a real genius at computers.otherwise stick with windows,its soo much easier to download things on windows than linux.and plus youl have problems like not getting your printer to work,or your mic on ubuntu.

  2. wow awesome ,, ur desktop , is very nice

    with ur video , I can convince my friends easily 😛

    I tried to do some work like that , I did it fine but not like u ,

    keep it up bro , linux is the best ….

  3. ive tri every thang i could to get ubuntu i came to the point ita all fake becase i can burn music all this the the iso recorder say there is no recorbal drive wtf it all hacks as to be maby i need to send a viruse to all this sites its fucxking stuped it like ok why not let people just down load the shit you got to get a iso o my god i gave people xp befor and did not have to make a iso for im to get it

  4. yah I Found a Program Called WUBI but it Takes so long to install

    and to top it all off my internet goes in and out
    so i have to keep restarting the installation

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