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On this episode we begin our series on how you can making an entire movie using the Linux operating system! This part is center around the NLE aka Non Linear Editor. Next episode is on VFX software so make sure you stay tuned for that. Also don’t forget to share this video and subscribe to this channel.

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  1. DaVinci Resolve actually works on Debian-based distro.. I have personally used it on Linux Mint… all you will need is to link some libraries… You can check the Linux installation thread on the DaVinci Resolve forums to get the names of these libraries… The only one issue with using it on a Debian-based distro is that it is not officially supported… So if you contact Blackmagic Design with a technical support question, they would nag you about the Debian distro and keep saying that they can't help you unless you are on RHEL distro

  2. Thats too bad, I run Kdenlive, besides it crashing once in while, I can add all kinds of efects with no bad skipping issues, My computer is a desktop with an ASUS MB, Intel I7 CPU, 64 GB RAM, dual 2 GB Graphics cards, hooked by SLI cable and running 4 2 TB Hard drives. The OS is Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia MATE Beta

  3. Thanks so much! I'm returning to Linux after a long mac hiatus and feel like a newbie. Your video is a huge help. I've been determined to do some video editing and have been messing around on mint cinnamon 18.2 with kdenlive, PiTiVi and OpenShot so far.

  4. I just discovered that kdenlive has a setting you can enable to use gpu effects that run a lot smoother (however it's a little glitch for me right now) so you can do color grading and it will still be smooth. Tbh I love kdenlive except for how unstable it is sometimes, sometimes it's great, others it's blaa. I've tried using light works sometimes but I just can't really get used to it, it's very diffrent from kdenlive it some good ways but also somethings in light works don't make scence to me, idk that's my option

  5. In regards to resolve and the codecs, they use lossless codecs which at minimum doubles any file size. The reason for this is so your gpu doesn't have to waste time processing heavily crunched codecs. Even with 4k using cineform medium settings I can find to timeline dislikes playing. AMD throughout which might also be a downfall, also 16gb ram. How do you find editing 4k on lightworks?

  6. 8:54 Would you trust any of the encoding functions in any of these video editors? I would render everything out to individual PNG or OpenEXR frames, and then use FFmpeg’s rich repertoire of encoding options–not just choice of format, but also fine quality control (including key-frame placement and two-pass encoding), processing filtergraphs, pixel formats, and loads of other useful stuff. That’s how you would create a professional-quality deliverable, not by relying solely on these GUI tools.

  7. What happens if the proprietary vendors pull an Adobe and start forcing you to pay a rental to continue working with your own files? Or they get bought out by someone like Autodesk which then shuts down the product, leaving you Softimaged?

  8. Just a question, how the fuck does Fedora 26 work for you? I've tried it and it's horrible full of bugs (keyboard doesn't respond, artifacts, restart/shutdown etc doesn't work). And I'm running fairly common hardware (6700k, G15 as keyboard, GTX 680)

  9. Good to hear Lightworks and Davinci are available in Linux. That is very good for the professionals. who work on Linux. After seen your video I've installed Lightworks for a try-out. I'am a light user, on Windows I've worked with Corel X9 Pro. On Linux with KDEnlive and Shotcut. At this moment KDEnlive suits me the best. But who knows? Thanks foor sharing!

  10. I think pretty much all the Cinema computer equipment in Norway runs some form of Linux, we've used Ubuntu server to setup a torrent distribution network to transfer the up to 500 GB video files. The projectors are connected to a Doremi Cinema machine running some version of linux. in many cases.

  11. The free version of Lightworks can only export at 720P. I'll take the free version of Resolve anyday over Lightworks as it will export at higher resolutions. I'll deal with having to trans code prior to importing my videos if that is what it takes to export at 1080P.

  12. Looks like you're running Resolve 12.5. The beta for 14 (which should be out soon) added huge codec support including for h.264 I've been running the Studio beta both at home and the free beta at work and haven't had any issues with importing clips from RED, Canon Txi or GoPro. It's been crazy stable for me too. Give the beta a shot 🙂

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