Linux vs Mac vs Windows

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This video compares the three major operating systems: Linux, Windows and Mac, giving disadvantages and advantages of each.

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  1. I have used all three and I am going strong with Linux. Linux is about freedom; financial and social freedom…. Windows and Mac are not for the lower class geeks who only need limited software to accomplish basic tasks. I feel as if I have some control over what my computer does and needs and besides the cost of a Mac is 3 mortgage payments. I would rather put that money in my house than into proprietary hardware and software.

  2. Freedom Bar
    MacOS Windows Linux

  3. to me, Mac is obsolete. The thing you're buying with a Mac is the name, nothing more. Well, they do use high quality materials when they build stuff, but that's just the physical construction. OSx and iOS are basically Linux with huge limitations, under the guise of "security features".

  4. macs need to jump off a cliff and die, who the fuck wants to pay 1000 plus dollars for a damn laptop when you can build a nice computer that will last for like 5-6 years depending on quality of parts you put in it, AND you can put Linux (my personal best opinion) or windows 7 on it because we all know windows 10 is still a fuck up!

  5. Here's the easiest way of telling of the 3 OS types. Linux distro: Doesn't matter which one you pick Ubuntu or Elementary OS, linux will always be the most safest OS ever as there is no hacking at all on the forever changing Linux distros, however Linux is hard to use for people who are not smart in computing as updates for things require a similar but not the same DOS box for some things and some things are simple like a browser update. Windows is easy to use, however it is hard to maintain, update reboot, anti virus, control panel to remove programs you don't want anymore can all be very hard for not tech savvy people. Mac OS X is the easiest of all as it doesn't need the constant cleaning or update from a config box, no anti virus, no place to find where to remove programs, it's all really easy and settings are all in one spot.

  6. this guy is wrong mac is not better than Linux or windows remember this everyone The Linux Penguin bit Apple and aimed a gun at Windows remember by the way I say Linux is the perfect software since Windows ha many problems

  7. Good video but I just wanted to point out that something Open Source dosent mean it's free it just means the user is able to acess the program code. Some linux distros like Red Hat require payment. Nether the less good comparison between the operating systems, looked at this video to see if linux could be my media server.

  8. Linux…pls. I had a windows 7 laptop and changed it to Ubuntu and it was a dumb thing. You can't download anything there and you need to have a guide or to watch 100 videos to learn how to use it or the terminal.
    Windows sth that everybody has used and hacked once xD it stuck so and said no responding…. And you can use it only on gaming, word, PowerPoint.
    Now Mac. Never stucks. Costs much but it's much better than the others, you can download Microsoft office there too, has more programs that you can download than Linux. Also, it has iMovie which is the best video maker ever and it has FaceTime, which is like Skype with better quality, has Garage Band which is really good for making music and has iMessage where with one click it open compared from windows messages. And is faster, and it has better graphics.

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