Linux vs Window vs Ma OS X vs FreeBSD

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  1. It was not a good comparison. Linux doesn't have any username password, but the others have. You entered one time a wrong password on windows and you count it. It was very basic and amature. And you can not cmpair Operating systems in this way and just with booting. Every OS is good in special things, as a network manager I need almost all of them.

  2. I prefer mac's GUI Aqua to GNOME, but Linux is probably the better operating system for a variety of reasons. Using the command line interface for simple stuff like SSH and VIM seems to be about the same.

  3. @gentooflash да еще просто ник твой улыбает. Думаю ты очень умный и пачешь ядро бзды и лкернел, пишешь кексты для тупых амерекосав.

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