Linux vs Windows 8 file transfer

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Debian Linux 64bit vs Windows 8 pro 64bit file transfer test, no external drive or flash drive bottleneck, just straight from one folder to another.

Windows 8 64bit = NTFS
Debian Linux 64bit = BTRFS

HP G6-2023TU quad core Intel Core i7-3612QM with 8G of ram.
Taken from my phone so there is no screen recording software slowing down the systems.

The folder copied contained 9 wav files at 192khz/24bit resolution from the Eagles Hotel California album.

The results:

Windows 8 took roughly…


  1. And that's why the London Stock Exchange crashed, because someone said it is not true Windows OS uses more resources then any other system.
    And now the LSE uses GNU/Linux without any crashes.
    Sure, a home users just gets a cup of coffee and he doesn't care Windows is slow. It just depends if you loose money by waiting…

  2. this is so not true to do that equal. windows has a filters drivers more than linux and windows run more backgrounds programs more than linux (usually) so that the reason winodws can act more slow than linux

  3. This is one of the reasons I like Linux, when I need to all the files from one drive to another linux copies faster and seems to include more files than windows, says it copies. This might mean it just copied some hidden files windows doesn't want you to have.

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