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Revamped Linux Vs Windows Video. theres gonna be some audio feedback around 6:20 or so cat on the desk rubbing against mic


  1. FYI Linux started big in the 90's. that's why it have 65 million users as main OS, 20 million dual booting and 600 million accessing linux everyday, every hour, every minute.
    It started with a big and long push from IBM, Novell, NYSE and some other corporations not very known nowadays. If it wasn't for Linux internet, video games and theater movies wouldn't be what they are today.

  2. OK people im going to sum it ALL up for you…..Window's 7 Ultimate Operating system cost $319.99…..i tried it with a intel-core i7 processor, 16gb fucking sucks!….all i was doing for 3 WHOLE day's was downloading updates, worrying about fucking viruses, Was always restarting my computer…..Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system..Cost $0.00-FREE…Its Fast Satble, Balanced, No Viruses, Easy to use…i would rather have a free, stable fast OS than a $319.99 OS that isnt worth looking at,

  3. how is one to learn when linux is fucking with you from the start. does anything ever work with linux? crashes, stupid errors right from the start. like…some stupid GRUB not found-error..due to a user error called "reboot the computer",..or like now..when stupid kubuntu lies to me by saying that some other program is using the muon package system. turns me off from linsux every time im stupid to try it.

  4. Its all really a simple matter of opinion people. Either you love Linux or you don't. I find its been a life saver for me. You can check out some of my Linux vs Windows video's for proof of that. I prefer Linux because it saves me time and doesn't give me headaches.

  5. @AlbedoAtoned After you install a Linux distro (ex. Ubuntu) you are pretty much done. Ubuntu includes Firefox for internet and email if your email is web based, and it also includes thunderbird if you want an email client. And the repository system ensures that you usually never have to stray to find your desired software, it is incredibly easy in Ubuntu. Linux can be complicated, but Ubuntu proves it can also be the simplest system to set up especially compared to Windoze.

  6. @grafleinsdorf Actually I disagree. With Windows you have programs to manage. First if you are first booting, that takes a couple minutes, more if you install a few programs. And then you have to keep anti-virus software and anti-spyware software up to date. A lot of other non security programs have just that security updates for the holes they open up. And then you have the scans for malware and if you have real-time scanning, then that makes things take longer.

  7. @redfoxarts Yep. It's the exact opposite of the Linux model. Well…Ubuntu and any other commercial distro only support their software for so long, but in general you can run what you want when you want how you want. Freedom, baby!!! 😀

    game manufacturers make games for windows- not linux or mac
    yes some mac and some linux, but they always recommend windows for thier games

  9. @DaedricLavaWhiskey Its ready for use straight after installation if anything windows not requires more configuration due to the fact that you need to install anti-virus software and update drivers.

  10. @htmlmm Windows & security o.o
    As for Linux & GUI, the 2 of the most common desktop managers, KDE & Gnome are your best choices. Both are good (KDE might get your eyes stuck on it though, it looks a bit too cool). Gnome seems to be a bit faster, though.

  11. @vlptr Don't post comments ever again,please!Because I'm gonna go and pee from laughing!xD

    You can always run any OS from a usb stick,as long it has enough space for the OS to be installed on it.You can actually install WinXP and almost ANY LINUX DISTRO to a USB stick.Running a OS on a USB stick is useful if you either have spare USB stick and want to have extra OS for your PC,or just to have a universal OS that is portable.Fuck iphone,I don't need that shit!I have my PSP and my phone!

  12. @LiEnucksFAILS this is ntfs file system, because it works on windows.When I copy something on my linux (now I am gentoo used) I have 75MB/s copy speed.Why ? I use reiser4 filesystem.ntfs is slow windows bullshit.

  13. Can i ask u a very helpful question, on my computer im currently running linux ubuntu, on windows 7 before it had picked up my wireless im running linux ubuntu 10.10 (most recent) and its telling me it doesnt pick up my wireless driver, i've tried many thingz and have asked many others and am getting frustrated by the lack of internet, an also my computer is a toshiba satellite L665 which has been know for having this problem may you PLEASE help me because "nowadayas" i dunno who to to turn to

  14. Commodore 64 was the best, Amiga the best user-interface. Windows is a virus!! Ubuntu can install within 5 minutes and run from an USB stick. Within 20 seconds you can play games, Windows takes 5 minutes….

  15. @DaedricLavaWhiskey Ubuntu has forums for any of you questions, problems, you will find much support.
    Also, there are Magazines for Linux, and exclusively Ubuntu ones.

  16. @sm4llp3n15 I have installed Ubuntu as my second partition and have done everything and anything to install Sony Vegas pro, is there any feasible way in making this happen at all????????????????????

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