Linux VS. Windows in Gaming – Revisited – Steam Games

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Follow up to my original Linux Vs Windows video I did a while back. Still Windows is better for most gaming than Linux, currently.

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  1. WTH!? If it is ported to Linux it's native. Only the ones that have to run in WINE are not native. Also, many of the games running on Linux have similar to better performance from what I've seen. I even manage to run Tomb Raider on a Linux computer with a Core 2 duo and a GT 730 GPU. Seems pretty viable to me. Bioshock Infinite does the same.

  2. OK, so what you do here is basically compare the games versions quality, not the systems. You got it right, most of the Linux games are ports and inferior in performance so they can't be a fair template to compare both system performance.
    Yet you keep saying Windows/Linux performs better/worse, well no, is the game version/port in question here.
    It is very true that is a Windows world out there and after you draw the line with the actual situation with ports and whatnot you will definitely get the better experience, no sane person will deny that.
    – Let me put it this way: when the latest Batman game was released for PC it performed miserably while on consoles it was OK. Would you have said (back then) that Windows as a gaming platform performed worse than consoles OR that the Windows version of the game performed badly? Would you have used Arkam to compare Consoles versus Windows back then? Well, probably not, because it was a inferior port to use it for a fair comparison. In the video you seem to be aware that it can't be a fair comparison when the ports are unequal in quality.
    Yet you do it now for comparing Windows vs Linux gaming capabilities and when the inferior Linux port performs (obviously) worse you say: Windows performs better.
    Try something like GFXbench which is an universal benchmark to get a more fair test.
    – As for Portal (and other Valve games) yes, it was optimized as much as possible for Linux but is still a Windows game ported to Linux using ToGL (again a translation).
    – Deus Ex does have a benchmark, in Menu > Extras > Benchmark.

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