Linux vs Windows Pros and Cons

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I’d like your opinion on the Linux vs Windows pros and cons.

You probably already have Windows installed, which can be a pro in itself. No need to upgrade.

There are ten percent or so of users who still have Windows XP because they have not liked any version of Windows since. That’s not a point in its favor.

Linux has the advantage of being free; some of the versions require you to be a system admin, also known as the gods of the virtual world, which is a big minus.

So I get Mint or…


  1. I've watched about ten of these, increasingly out of nothing more than morbid curiosity. Mostly "this language vs that language" or "pros and cons" videos. I'm saddened by the intellectual disservice being done to people who innocently stumble upon this channel genuinely seeking good advice. Across several videos and topics covered, it's nothing more than the bad advice, snide remarks, and myopic view of a know-it-all. Some videos are basically just trash talk about languages which isn't even close to accurate or well-informed, dissuading people from learning valuable skills. That's no one to take advice from, especially educational advice. Don't listen to a voice of fear or ignorance. If you know several languages and systems well, it's easy to tell when the author has no clue what they are talking about. If you want to learn a language or the ins and out of an OS, skip this channel and its naysayer BS and go get started! Learn one… and then learn another! 🙂 If you don't know where to start, all I can say is whatever you do, DO NOT START HERE!

  2. !1:44 this fact os backwards , windows doesn't update fast at all it is linux that updates as soon as bugs are spotted because it is updated by the community which means thousands of people are working on it instead of 1 person (head of a shit company) and windows support is so crappy i was waiting a year for help once and when they finally noticed me they where to fucking lazy to try and help me , and forced updates against my will (windows 10) that is a tech person's nightmare

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