LINUX VS WINDOWS? – Which is best?

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  1. I switched to Ubuntu 14.04LTS just a little over a year ago, when Win XP was orphaned. While Linux works just fine for me most of the time, there are times when it doesn't. Then I may have to spend hours looking for a solution, sometimes only to discover there really isn't one, yet. Admittedly I use my machine for far more than just going on facebook, email, YouTube and so on, but I'm afraid I must disagree with your assessment that Linux "just works every single time."

    Linux works okay if you are at least a bit computer savvy, but I think rabid devotees should ask themselves this:  Could they install it on their grandmother's machine and say "There you go, Granny, have fun" and then wander off and expect her to use it for several months without running into trouble?

  2. The guy I own a web server with still uses Unix, talk about virus and pretty hack proof. He watches them trying from all over the world. He actually has fun with the hackers.

  3. I'd use Linux if I could find software for it that was as good as what I have on Windows.  If Adobe Premiere was available on Linux, and I could actually get Linux to WORK then I'd switch.  My experiences with with Linux however have been mostly crashes, crashes and more crashes.

  4. I started using Linux back in 1998, it's a great operating system and has come a long way. I mainly use it for servers now, which it excels at. But, if you need a free operating system that does everything for your desktop computer, Linux is the way to go. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are the best two in my book.

  5. on my main computer, i have dual boot, linux mint 16 and windoze 7 pro, linux runs faster and cleaner, has more driver availability. windoze runs "magicjack" (VOIP) only reason i run windoze. majicjack gets something for Linux, Windoze can kiss it's ass good-bye!!!!!

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