Litecoin Node Installation on Linux

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This video will demonstrate how to install a Litecoin node on Linux. In our example, we are going to install a Litecoin node on a Computer running Ubuntu Linux, version 17.1.

By litecoin node we mean that this tutorial will teach you how to install the Litecoin core, also know as full node, or Litecoin official wallet.


• Power supply 500w –
• Power cord -…


  1. » Using a Litecoin node offers the following benefits:

    • Enhances Litecoin network security
    • Installs the official version of the Litecoin wallet.
    • If you use Litecoin's official wallet, you control your private key all the time.
    • If you are in control of your private key you can claim your Litecoin fork money really quick. (Litecoin Cash)
    • Usually, you will pay less taxes to send Litecoin than famous wallets like the Exodus.
    • You can solo mine Litecoin, this means mining without using a pool to mine.

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