Live Hacking Sundays – Hunting Passwords on Linux Server – Part1

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On this we continued solving the levels of Bandit game from

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On this video you can find the solutions of:
bandit9, bandit10, bandit11, bandit12, bandit13, bandit14, bandit15, bandit16

Bandit is like the starting point on CTF games, it is easy and teaches you some sort of hacks that you can do trough the command…


  1. joo Codeinstein what's up, I really like your video's man but if got 1 question (I actually got hundreds of question ; – ) but i won't bother you will all of those) I have learned python and can write some simple programs and i am became pretty fimilar with the linux command line but i don't know what i should learn next. I am for sure going to learn more linux, red team stuff. But should i learn C or should i focus on mastering python or should i learn an other language, do you suggest any languages? Thanks man and keep up the good work, love your channel

  2. hey man u need to make a new tutorial how to make a phishing website because 000webhost is no longer an option because there automatic malware detection system will report the site and take it offline and close ur account i tryed some other websites but really most of them sucked! i would be happy if you make a new tutorial on your website or youtube channel thx

  3. can somebody HELP me? I installed kali linux on my system (dual boot) . Everything works fine until GRUB, if I boot kali linux my monitor says "no optimum mode" – I searched online for solutions but none worked. Any ideas? I think kali linux doesn't detect the video input from the graphics card but idk what do to. HELP.

  4. Is your main language English because your sentences are very choppy not tryin to be offensive or anything and if it's not are you from a country where English isn't the main language and are the laws different there

  5. well, well in a video you showed us how to make a hacking computer and it was windows i think…… and in this video you are using Mac…. My question is that do u prefer MAC instead of Win or its just that u are shifting stuff… BTW love ur videos!

  6. Codeinstein Thanks for the videos on this stuff I am 15 trying to get into hacking I mostly want to be a white hat hacker do you have any suggestions for where to learn intermediate sort of level skills I have already learned almost all of your tuts by memory I just need further learning and a website to get the info from

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