Logitech Game Software Problem Windows 7 64Bit (This is not a solution)

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Edit: Logitech can just go fuck themselves I kept trying to have them solve the problem and they just kept giving me solutions which I told them I already tried like 7million times. Logitech has fucking terrible costumer support. If you have a problem like the one I did just say fuck it and go buy or torrent Xpadder it is far better once you learn how to use it.

I don’t even feel like making a good description because I AM ANGRY –…


  1. i bought the logitech g430 gaming headset and i downloaded the x64 bit version of software there is on the site for this headset, i install everything right, after that i click on program for start running and nothing

  2. The download link for "Logitech Gaming Software" from their website is pointing at an x86 version of the software. Probably something that would take 2 seconds to fix. I don't think it's the software that's messed up, it's the fact that you can't access the x64 version from their website that's the problem. Just download from a 3rd party until they get their shit together. Side note, I'd had this software installed for a couple of months, and all I've ever had was problems with it. The profiles never change as they're supposed to, and you basically have to reconfigure to each game whenever you want it changed.

  3. Im having the same problem now 🙁 you pay over 100 quid for a logitech wheel and then you can't use it because the fucking software doesn't work. You shouldn't have to reinstall windows and fuck about reinstalling everything again 🙁 FUCKING STUPID !!!!!

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