LOTR BFME 2 RotWK Expansion: Download & Install Tutorial – Windows 7

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In this video I show you how to get The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II The Rise of the Witch-King expansion for PC for free and show you how to install and run it using Windows 7. Links to downloads below:

– Link to RotWK on Forshire: (I’d recommend getting the full clean version of game with cutscenes included from here instead:…


  1. The no cd error is always caused by your mounting program not working. Try using Daemon Tools version 10. You need to mount the image to SCSI (indicated at the left panel). If you mount it normally it won't work.

    If that still doesn't work, try Daemon Tools version 4.49 or lower, WinCDEmu or Alcohol 52% instead and see how that goes. Lastly, patch 2.02 of RotWK allows for play without disc or mounting images so try that out!

  2. Hello hello! Loved the video it works so a big thanks! But is it also possible to use the no-cd image for the full version of the game which I have previously installed and lost the disc off.

    Regards RamonπŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ™

  3. Hey mate the game is runing on my pc perfectly but ive got a probelm some of the game is pinkish purple and agmar wont work as i cant see the characters or buildings, i have deleted all old data and redownloaded it but it still doesnt work, agmar is just invisble and same with isengard. i cant play the campaign but bfme 2 works perfectly. got any suggestions?

  4. hi i need help i downloaded the RoTWK Special Edition.iso by clicking link below and when i finished it give me window of "dist burning" and not the download of the actuall game what to do?

  5. Hello, when I try to start up BFME II and RotWK nothing happens it just becomes unresponsive I click it it gives me a little hint fraction of a second that it tried to start it but then nothing happens. I get no error. I run Windows 10, and also do SLI setup mess up the game?

    i need help with the initiation of the game
    i don't understand this error:

    "Expected signed integer value, math op, orpredefined macro, but found 'MORDOR_FORTRESS_WALLHUB_EXPANSION_BUILDCOST'

    Error parsing field 'BuildCost in block 'Objet' in file 'datainiobjectevilfactionstructuresmordormordorcastlewallhubexpansion.ini'.

    Error parsing INI block' BuildCost' in file 'datainiobjectevilfactionstructuresmordormordorcastlewallhubexpansion.ini'.

    please help i don't understand it

  7. After hours and hours of trying to fix this, I now know why it gives that mordor castle wall hub error. It's not a mounting issue, it's a patch 1.09 issue. Use the BFME2 PatchSwitcher that came with patch 1.09 and switch it to 1.06, then run ROTWK without any issues! πŸ˜€ — Like so others can see this!!

  8. I am getting an error after completing all steps, even after the options file:
    Expected signed integer value, math op, or predefined macro, but found 'MORDOR_FORTRESS_WALLHUB_EXPANSION_BUILDCOST'

    Error parsing field 'BuildCost' in block 'Object' in file 'datainiobjectevilfactionstructuresmordormordorcastlewallhubexpansion.ini', line 219.

    it goes on about the wall hub and ends with: Because of the severity of this error the game will now exit. Any suggestions?

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