LTSP-Cluster : Windows Terminal Server application integration with ubuntu thin client

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Rdesktop with seamless RDP integration allows Linux computers, including thin-clients, to display windows applications run on a Windows Terminal Server.
It allows organizations to migrate to Open Source Desktop while keeping some applications in a centralized WTS environment.
Revolution Linux is an open source services and solution provider speciliazed in large scale projects.


  1. That is really cool. Word apears on the Linux desktop like a native app but is actually running on a Windows Server somewhere. I am looking for the opposite way round to this. I want to host Windows apps on a linux server and show them on a Windows client.

  2. Hi,
    Am very impressed with the video and currently i have been successful to implement LTSP environment using Edubuntu 12.04.1 and currently letting my users connect to Windows using rdesktop and login through Terminal Services only to let them use the Windows Apps.

    But after watching your video, i would really like to implement such remote apps access from WTS to the LTSP Clients. Could you please give a brief idea how can i implment this and what are the requirements ?

    Thank You

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