Łukasz Pych – Windows XP Sounds Hip Hop Beat (+ MP3 Download Link)

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click on “POBIERZ PLIK” 😉
Just havin fun with Windows XP Sounds, i think it sounds cool 😉

Made 100% in FL Studio

Enjoy 😉


  1. everyone starts with the remix with the same shit
    i wanna hear one that starts with the
    DUN error sound
    like DUN DUN DUN DUUN and go on to some cool-ass dubstep or something

  2. @TheVistaLover
    Remember that only people from select countries CAN watch those commercials anyway?
    Remember that this was uploaded by an user?
    Remember that you can use greasemonkey and change the interface all you want?
    Remember that the same goes for the yellow subscribe button?
    Remember that the users have never controlled this (but did have more liberties before)?
    Remember that spam (such as chain comments), literally kills polar bears?

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