Luke writes Qualifying Paper in muh Arch Linux Rice (unixporn + Linguistics)

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I was working on my qualifying paper (prelim) for my PhD over the weekend, and recorded it for my own benefit. Posting it here because why tf not?

Again, the paper is an Optimality Theoretic, phonologically-driven account of word order/syntactic differences in different languages.

Recorded, sped up by 40x and spliced together by ffmpeg.

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  1. What's that optimality tableau that you keep referring to with the blue background?

    I am currently finishing my pre-defense draft of my M.A. thesis (using LibreOffice, but no formatting errors yet!) and I've been learning a little bit of LyX and LaTeX for future work. The only issue is that I work a lot with Burmese and the unicode fonts don't render well in LaTeX, whereas they render fine in LibreOffice Writer. So, even though I spent 3 hours one day trying to get it to render correctly with Xetex and whatnot, LibreOffice Writer just did the trick more easily.

  2. The only bit of linguistic knowledge I got is from Pinker's The Language Instinct, and I pretty much skipped the chapter on syntax things 🙂 too much for an outsider.
    Btw, I wonder do you have trouble reading the texts because I noticed the terminal colorscheme you used is bit dark particularly those dark red/blue fonts on a black background.

  3. when you render your videos in the future, double the resolution and use a nearest-neighbor upscaler. it will preserve pixels better and will look crisper on youtube. youtube isn't kind to 16:10 when you upload in 720p

  4. Hi Luke, would you mind sharing with me what recording and editing software you mainly use? I am making my first move over to Linux soon (Zorin) and I wanted some decent replacements for when I jumped in 🙂

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