Mac OS X vs Windows 10 Speed Test

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Tech Specs

Intel Core i5
Nvidia GT 640
RAM 8 Gb.
SSD GoodRam CX200 (SATA 2)

Intel Core i5
Intel HD Graphics 6000
RAM 8 Gb.


  1. hey bro i was planning to buy. My requirements include a good video editing n a full fast performance machine. i dont want to pay extra on very expensive editing softwares.Fimora n few others will be fine for me.
    confused between mac 56k online and lenovo ideapad 510 61k offline (8gb ddr4, i5 7th gen,nvidia4gb,windows 10) with less than 2 hours battery.

    please suggest me bro..which one to go specially for youtube.
    i dont want to put much money on heavy editing softwares.
    There is no service center for mac in my city. should i buy it online n will i get warranty will meet my needs.

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