Mac Snow Leopard vs. PC Windows 7 vs. Linux Ubuntu (AMAZING RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!)

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Hi guys.

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I5 2500k overclocked to 4.2ghz
500gb sata WD black
Nvidia evga Gtx 560
Asus P67 motherboard
Dual monitor setup
4gb DDR3 1333mhz ram
2 optical drives
CoolerMaster HyperX air cooled cpu

Note: Performance can be increased by all of the systems.

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  1. Its guite interesting… BUT the boot test is DUM
    Because we all now After the Boot screen Windows 7 is amasingly slow!! before it leaves somsystem power for the user to have fun….. Probaly 2 times the boot time at a minimum and 5-6 times when a antivirus is ON…. Ubuntu is not really fast but it is has full power from the first climbs of the Desktop….

    And that Ubuntu/Linux has better performance in system responsines is guite fair and well known!!!! its just better for managing CPU power than Windows again for the MAC i didnt know!!

    But for sure the BIG problem for Linux/Ubuntu is the GRaphics because of the GRAPHICS chips never are full open.. But it start to tip for the much much better in the Linux World because of the new interest in gaming on Linux thanks to VALVE and the STEAM machine

  2. They all were about the same when running the same program (handbrake). They were different when they ran different programs, like the unzip. How come Windows used a 3rd party unzip tool while OSX was stuck with stock? Not really fair. 

  3. This results weren't amazing in the slightest. I saw them coming. Linux dominating then windows trotting not far behind then mac gasping for air behind them trying to keep up. Why even consider mac a real OS? Put gingerbread on macs instead. It'd probably run better and be more compatible with games then OSX is…

  4. My dear friend! After all, these benchmarks are meaningless. Yesterday I installed W7 on a hp laptop that was refurbished. I needed A SECOND (working) PC to download the wireless driver and install it via pendrive. Only then I could connect the laptop to the Wifi to download everything else.On the other hand, Install Ubuntu, Linuxmint etc from bootable pendrive, boom the wireless is there, you are done in 1/2 hr MAX. And then W7 needed 179 updates..4 hrs later…..WHAT A LAUGH! The longer you work in Linux the more will you laugh at Win. Proprietary nonsense. Install linux to run from pendrive, take that to ANY hardware and boot and run. Try that with Win. The list of Win nonsense goes on. Have fun with your Win!

  5. Actually, being on the same HDD is actually biasing speed towards certain OS. The ones installed physically in the outer part of the drive's platter will be faster than the ones installed closer to the middle.

  6. I really should use linux as I can program decently, but the thing is I don't like ubuntu. I'm getting a new computer and what I might do is try windows 8.1 on it, and a whole bunch of different flavors of linux till I find the one I like the best.

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