mac vs windows xp

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windows xp vs mac fight to death
windows xp rocks!!!


  1. my whole point though wasn't which is better but making one comment and saying nuff said just doesn't cut it with me for anything technical (unless your talking about IBM but thats a totally dif topic) mac, pc, xp, or vista. computers (and related iteams) are like the swartz theres up and a down there are two sides to every thing.

  2. well I am a computer technician so I kinda have to do my homework. I am not saying vista is completely better then xp, but I will say vista ultimate has chess. šŸ™‚ and although that alone didn't win me over. I prefer the categorization xp had (classic view and more ) over vista (all their reorganizing and all) but I enjoy the look and feel of vista over xp. the security in vista is better even without the "do you want to run the thing you just asked me to run that is a windows component?"

  3. i must give you some respect as you really did your research and i like that, compared to the fuck tards that just say some thing and have no facts to back it up. but you will NEVER be able to convince me that vista is better. though eventually i will have to get vista as thats what programs will be made to run with.

  4. ok i cant argue with you any more as it is quite obvious the you did your reaserch and i admire that as al ot people just say windows or Mac is better and have no facts to back their opinion. even though i love Macs i wont let some one bash windows unless they try it first as i respect people opinions unlike other jackasses. however one thing i learned that no one might know is that when you start vista it runs the OS twice. ya TWICE. go to the start menu search for "msconfig" and under startup

  5. I will agree that windows is more virus prone, however mac is more unauthorized access prone. while a year ago I would have agreed with you on vista I decided to give vista a real whirl. I bought vista ultimate and found out that I liked it very much. I am currently running on xp, but only because the hardware i bought in 03 was middle aged when I got it. Vista has problems with that hardware.

  6. and one the note of viruses, yes they can be avoided by being responsible on the web but most people are to STUPID to now WHAT THE FUCK NOT TO GO ON WITH OUT VIRUS PROTECTION. but windows is still more virus prone the Mac, this based on the fact the Mac's are based one a Unix foundation which is very virus resistant in itself.

  7. k i am 2 tired to argue the point BUT… vista still sucks and though i do like Macs a lot windows XP kicks vistas ass all over the room. the point here was not to say windows is a completely terrible OS just vista. in fact im using an XP right now. and Mac does have flaws BUT virus protection is NOT one of them.

  8. nuff said if you have a vary limited understanding of things however if you don't have a severly limited amount of knowledge one might be compelled to say that most viruses are ineffective due to even the most basic windows security and even free anti viruses or not being completely retarded when surfing the web. one might also say that all the hardware in a mac was origionally invented by pc companies ( except firewire) or that macs are less secure then windws (macworld), or mention games.

  9. What a shit of video… if u have mac im sure the video going to be better. Mac is best than windows. Maybe all say:
    But with mac you CANT play games! haha!.
    mac says:
    Bootcamp ;). With mac you can give to a little boy, and he goes to have a good future, making videos with imovie, programs like final cut…..and 3000 programs more! windows… if u wanna play only ok.
    But if you gonna play and edit all what you want…

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