Make Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, others) Look Like Windows XP :: Using the GTK3 MATE Luna Theme

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Learn how to make your Linux Operating System (Ubuntu, Mint, and more) look like Windows XP. The Luna theme works on GNOME2 and MATE. It has been updated to be GTK3 and GTK2 compatible. Can you tell the difference between my Linux and XP? WinXP4Life — thank you Casey Kirsle (original author of the GTK2 version)

The theme (including icons, the XP background, and an installer) can be downloaded from here:


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  1. I made my Kubuntu 14.04 look Windows 7-ish without downloading anything.
    I have even made it look a little, and function a lot like, Gnome 2.

    One of the great things about KDE is how customizable it is.

  2. Thank you so much for this. I've been heartbroken (maybe that's an exaggeration but the OS means a lot to me) since they killed XP quite some time ago, but I can't use my installation disc to dual boot because it's so old it won't work on my SATA hard drives without a TON of extra work. I just installed Linux for the first time (using Mint with MATE) this morning, and I'm elated to have found your theme. Thanks again.

  3. There's also XPGnome for Gnome v2, Lubuntu XP three flavors for GTK 2.x and Look Win XP which uses icewm, idesk & xfe. Personally I think XPGnome looks the best but you need an old distro that supports ubuntulooks which is tough to find these days. I used one that doesn't have it and it looks quite good but some of the icons aren't changed correctly. I'm still working on it.

  4. Running Linux Mint 15.. and it's just not working… funny thing is, it's already listed in my .themes folder.. but when i look for it to select it and use it, it's not listed.. and i tried to get it installed.. it's not working… maybe it has to do with that i'm using Linux Mint Cinnamon?

  5. Worked with LMDE 14. Only issue that I can see is the "start" button didn't copy over from the theme. So I have the Luna theme with "Menu" and the cog from the mint theme. Will try to fix.
    Some of the icons are totally different than XP, but still very easy to install compared to other options that relied on older Debian builds or dependencies that I didn't want to spend a day figuring out 🙂 Thanks

  6. Run the included script. Then, it will work.

    To install manually:

    Copy the themes folder to the /usr/share directory.
    Copy the icons folder to the /usr/share directory.

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