Make Multiboot Usb Windows Xp 7 & Hiren Boot Disc Usb Drive WIth A Single Software

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make bootable usb with a single software and make multibootable usb with just few click error free and easy setup software winsetupfromusb you can download from internet for free .in this video i m showing you how to download and use this software for more detail function you can search for internet or just wait for my new video showing how to make multiboot usb with all in one uncorruptable softwares and virus free setup and software collection.


  1. Have you tried my Easy2Boot Multiboot USB drive project? Just copy on the ISO files (any number) to an Easy2Boot USB Flash drive and boot. You can even install XP direct from an ISO to an AHCI/SATA computer from an original unmodified XP ISO.

  2. Hello. Sandeep2kd, I really enjoy your video tutorials. They are simple and very easy to follow. I was wondering. I am just really getting into computers. I have been involved with them 4 about 3years now. Is it possible for You to give some details of what files I need to make it run smoothly. Thanx again. And have a blessed day..Blaque Rhiver

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