Make The Windows 8 Taskbar Fully Transparent Without Downloading Anything

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With this quick and easy trick, you can make your Windows 8 Task-bar fully transparent


  1. Fucking terrible,Wanted to put my handrown city picture on it and the taskbar is fucking blue. What is going on with man? Please Reply becasue i cant see the city from my taskbar. nd everyrtime i have my browser and something else open,i can see my browser tabs…

  2. cool
    took me a while to understand how to change the background without removing transparency
    how to do it is first click windows and choose a background color and save this theme
    then just do as in this video but instead of clicking windows theme you choose the one you saved (which is the same as windows theme but with another background image)

    I have a question. Everything looks rather square now, any way to make scroll bar in folders etc look a bit more stylish?
    Also, the clock is now not visible because of dark background image, any way to make clock and date in white?

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