Making Windows 10 Run Blazingly Fast with these 9 Simple Tips.

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In this video I’ll show you how to make Windows 10 Run Blazingly Fast!

These methods apply to those running Windows 10 on either an HDD (regular hard drive) or an SSD (solid state hard drive). It’s great for the casual user and those who are gaming.

Keep in mind that this video is about Making Windows 10 Run Blazingly fast, NOT about making it secure.

This video is very comprehensive and it requires some time watch, but by the end of the video you’ll have a super fast Windows 10 PC…


  1. In my opinion windows XP was most polished OS and when you consider it is 16years old why has Microsoft not developed and improved at the same pace as it did during the nighties ! I think Windows 10 is better than 8 but has many glitches and has far too many let downs just like the vista it could have made something far better.

  2. Windows 10 is a piece of crap.  You shouldn't need to do this just to make your computer run faster from the getgo.  I got a brand new laptop and already hate this operating system with a passion. Still, thank you for this it was very helpful.

  3. hard drives will last longer than an SSD and won't suddenly fail without giving you noticeable signs like an SSD. Also an SSD is not "literally thousands of times faster than a hard drive".

  4. Thanks For Making This Video! You Got A New Sub!! Also My Computer Now Is Truly Blazingly Fast!! It Would Be Awesome If I Could Get A Shout out, Keep Up The Great Work!

  5. I don't use Windows as it seems to be a Malware and Bloatware magnet so I don't Windows and only Use Linux Mint 17.3 (Rosa) 64bit edition and I don't have any problems with droppers or anything else, I think if Microsoft had used FreeBSD as the OS and use Metro as the GUI then there would not be any problems.

  6. Another useful tip, this is more a tip to keep your system running efficiently in terms of compatibility, many old startup programs which you may use with your mouse, keyboard, cpu cooler(mb usb), printer etc. may have conflicts with other software and/or windows itself. 2 seemingly unrelated things can bring your pc to a crawl if they call upon the same "command" and one of them is listed as unreliable in win 10.

    I just did check all my software which is in my start-up, quite a lengthy list it is, it all came out positive and it was all there. 27 items in total.

  7. These steps will not make windows 10 any faster! – first of, its already fast (faster than windows 7), second why should any of these steps make windows 10 run "faster" ? Is this just one big commercial for adware removal software? I dont get it!?

  8. From what I have read and heard, the Defragment and Optimise Drives tool in Windows 10 doesn't just defragment HDD's, but it also optimises SSD's. It detects whether the primary storage is a HDD or SSD and selects the type of operation to run. So Windows 10 won't defragment your SSD.

  9. I have a laptop with core i7 6500u dual core, 16gb ram, ssd for OS system. Run fast without adjusting anything. If you want make use of your hardware, better switch to Linux. I guess a lot of people buy Windows pc at around $500, trust me it is decent price for a decent laptop. you wanna faster, go get a macbook then

  10. Windows should do all these optimizations when we click "Performance mode" in power settings. when I choose performance mode that means I want performance at any cost even at the cost of loosing all visuals and animations. but windows is too dumb to understand that. and we have to do these every time install a new windows. so stupid and dumb of Microsoft for not understanding what performance mode is supposed to be.

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