Making Windows 7 Run Blazingly Fast

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In this comprehensive video I’ll show you how to make Windows 7 run blazingly fast. If this video helps you please share it!

These methods apply to those running Windows 7 on either an HDD (regular hard drive) or an SSD (solid state hard drive).

Keep in mind that this video is about Making Windows 7 Run Blazingly fast, NOT about making it secure.

This video is very comprehensive but by the end of the video you’ll have a super fast Windows 7 PC.

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  1. Still a good tutorial, but for anyone watching Malwarebytes has switched to a yearly subscription rather than the lifetime license model they used to have. They still have the free product that does everything manually and is still a good investment if you want a second opinion scanner.

  2. can you make this for windows 10 please and also tell me how to completely remove bit-defender and I'm not just talking about using revo or just uninstalling it done that i still have an icon in the bottom right hand corner hide bar. your awesome thank you.

  3. I have done this method about a hundred times to my gaming computer, but this is the first time I have encounterd 2,500 plus detected objects. But i think its because I haven't had a anti-virus in 3 to 4 weeks on this machine. Please dont take this video off because it REALLY WORKS!!!!!

  4. I own a very low use, like new, Dell Inspiron 531, AMD 64, with Vista Home Premium. I want to install Windows 7 due to the lack of support for Vista. I want to do this VERY cheaply. I will clean and install and stored files are not an issue. How do I go about obtaining a viable Win 7 disk with product key? Anyone?

  5. hi pal you may to try slim driver and products ( free versions ) especially uninstaller to uninstall programs because there is always leftover files to clean it up slim driver will complete the missing driver and driver boost will update the rest if needed ASC will clean the whole PC and uninstaller in the end will help you remove the programs and the leftover at all so the windows will be brand ne and by the ay your video was very good one for me and I learned good things from you so thank you and keep going pal

  6. omg this video is 52 mins long almost 1 hour. Holy shit. you got to be kidding me? Seriouesly? 1 hour long video just for making windows 7 fast? still it has 2 million views with positive feedback but still damn it.

  7. This is excellent, thanks.

    What I do (to speed computer up or if I have a virus…):

    1. Clean temp
    2. CCleaner
    3. Junkware removal tool
    4. ESET antivirus scan
    5. MBAM scan
    6. Hitman Pro
    7. Reset all browser settings

  8. Hmmm… came here to see if anything I might've been missing in my 'procedures'… This is essentially the very same thing I've been doing from Win95 onward.  Note, where different compilers and languages effect the OS tech changes, and html internet versions have upgraded, it's been pretty much the same 'routine'..

    Thorough job done here for those who demonstrate good listening techniques, read and competently follow simple instructions.  Those who would attempt to do things here with WIN10, obviously do not have the appropriate credentials.  He states very CLEARLY… WIN7… Most of us that have a MCSE and an A+ recognized by COMPTIA have a better understanding and have invested heavily into time  and financial resources to gain those aforementioned credentials to maintain what you manage to risk losing by solo operations based on 'hearsay' by those who aren't recognized by the industrial standard.  'Nuf' said.

  9. I wouldn't advise no one to get that avast on filehippo if that is where he got it from one of them from filehippo messed my toshiba up and thrown a fake clock virus on it and ruined it.

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