Managing Ubuntu: Managing Packages and Updates

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Learn how to deal with packages and updates in Ubuntu in only 20 minutes!
The explanation of update vs upgrade is slightly wrong, but this is a better explanation:
Also, for those wondering about “apt full-upgrade” or “apt-get dist-upgrade”:

Commands (anything that startts with $ means that you have to…


  1. I have a few questions, I'd be happy if someone could answer me:
    1. Do dpkg -l $package and apt show $package essentially do the same thing? Show me if a package is installed…?
    2. What's the list of software that Apt offers me? Is it every program ever published on Ubuntu? Is it software that was approved by someone to work properly and to not be harmful?
    3. If I understand correctly, using Apt I can "subscribe" to certain packages. Apt keeps track of what I'm "subscribed" to, and if I want to, I can update the list and upgrade my software whenever new versions come out. It sound like a perfect centralised updating system for all software in my PC. Why doesn't Windows offer something like that?

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