Mantle VS DirectX 11 Windows 8.1 R9 290

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I have been told by other Mantle users around the internet that Mantle only truly shines when you use it in an online environment on windows 8.1. I have conducted several mantle vs directX tests in the past but this was on the single player campaign. Since it was within my power to conduct my own test, I thought what the hell. Here are my results I hope you enjoy the video


  1. I'm a hardcore AMD guy but I bought a GTX 960 with a Windforce cooler.I must say it isn't that bad but OMG a R9 380 or 380X is way better than the GTX 960.I got my GTX 960 for cheap though but I kinda wish I went for a R9 290X second hand or got a R9 380 or 380X for an Extra $30.

  2. Is this in 1080p then? your res says 1440p and you are in borderless, so are you actually in 1080p? no Way 290 could run like this is true 1440p. I match your fps with my R9 290 at your clocks in 1080p so…
    Also, yes, very odd that Mantle helps so much. I also noticed that Mantle runs faster and DX11 runs slower on the newer AMD beta drivers 14.7

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