Mantle Windows 7 vs Windows 8.1 BF4

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Windows 7 vs windows 8.1 battlefield 4 gaming performance has been seriously debated. I personally think that windows 8.1 doesn’t really offer anything in performance if you have unparked your CPU cores in windows 7. Here is a side by side comparison of battlefield 4 using the Mantle API running side by side on the Test range level on battlefield 4 on both windows 7 and windows 8.1 enjoy the video.


  1. If you have a newer CPU Windows 7 vs 8 wont make a difference. It doesn't on my FX8320 8 core. On my Phenom II x6 1100T 4.4ghz from 2010 it was night and day difference with crossfired HD5850's hitting 100% CPU usage at times on win 7. Also AMD Mantle uses the CPU differently, so your not going to see any difference what so ever using AMD's Mantle between the OS's unless you Graphics driver is a problem.

  2. see my win 7 vs win 8.1 video for me there was pretty good fps boost with windows 8.1 and we dont know have they fixed the fps problem now with the win 7. Like i said it has been proven atleast before that indeed on windows 8.1 you gain fps boost but i dunno have they patched it. I think the fps drop problem on win 7 version had to do somethink with microsoft not realeasing some kind of update for win 7 that must have affected on win 7 perfomance.

  3. if you take it off borderless and put to fullscreen it will fully utilzw the card completely with the dricers, borderless sometimes causes a certain amount of frames no more no less espwcially w r9 cards, despite drivers

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