Mastering Linux TOP Command

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This Tutorial explains Linux top commands. All concepts are explained with elaborated examples.

Tutorial Topics:-

1. What is the use of top command in linux/Unix.
2. Understanding Time field in top command.
3. Understanding Task Field in top command
4. Understanding Cpu Field in top command.
5. Understanding Memory Field in top command.
6. Understanding Process Field in top command.
7. How to sort process by memory utilization
8. How to sort process by cpu utilization
9. How to sort…


  1. well, a note on zombie, it is okay to leave zombie for little bit. it could be the case where the programmer used a process to cleanup using a child process ending the parent.

    and the cleanup might be taking longer sometimes. specially in systems with high load averages and if cleanup happens over a distributed systems setting.

    so don't kill zombies immediately, look at what it's doing by taking stacktrace dump or something.

  2. Sir Thanks a lot.sir please tell me how to show a process which a basically hidden Top viewed command (When i created a Dos attack on a Linux server it's processing utilization increased but unable to see in top viewed command) .Sir your prompt response is highly appreciated.

  3. Hey, its a really good video. Probably the best video I have found to understand all the fields in the top command. Just one request, could you make a similar in depth video on the free command(free -m) and focus more on the shared, buffers and cached values as there is a lot of confusion and no good tutorial online for the same.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful explanation!!….Okay so I wd like to ask a Question..if a particular process is consuming high cpu utilization and it has no impact….can we change the nice value to decrease its unwanted high utilization???does it help?

  5. You are the best. I really appreciate the fact that you took your time to put this training together to educate us about linux. I am grateful to have to come across your training videos, they very detail oriented and provide real life experience or what a user or admin would face in the field. Thank you again a million.

  6. I had a little bit hard to hear at some times do the the sound quality of the voice. But other then that it was really informativ! Thanks allot for taking your time to share your knowledge with us! =)

  7. thanks , it is of great benefit , but why most of the indian are eating words as if they are talking to themselves , I do respect any nations specially indian software efforts

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