Memory Leak FIX For Windows 10/8/7 [Tutorial]

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How to fix memoryleaks on your computer.

A Memory Leak is a misplacement of resource in a computer program due to faulty memory allocation. It happens when a RAM location not in use remains unreleased. A memory leak is not to be confused with a space leak, which refers to a program using more RAM than necessary. A memory leak on a Windows 10/8/7 system is said to have taken place when the memory is just not accessible despite not being in use.

Memory Leaks in Windows 10

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  1. Hey, friend! I have an idea for an updated video! I did some more research about this issue and what fixed it for me, was an update for Killer network driver! Maybe a good idea for an update video?
    (Someone in a forum I read seemed to think this could have been caused by an incompatibility between an older version of Killer network driver and a newer windows 10 update)
    Edit: Maybe a new video suggesting to try this solution first, with an annotation linking to the new video at this start of this one.

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