Metro: Last Light / Linux vs. Windows

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Materiał filmowy do wpisu:

Slackware / Kernel 3.9 / NVIDIA 331.20
1920×1080 @ 100% (Max?) Details: ~38 fps
1920×1080 @ 75% (Hi?) Details: ~45 fps
1920×1080 @ 50% (Normal?) Details: ~56 fps

On Windows 7 with 331.65 drivers:
1920×1080 @ Max details, SSAA 4x, AF16X, Teselation: ~10fps
1920×1080 @ Max details, SSAA 2x, AF4X, Teselation: ~18fps
1920×1080 @ High details, SSAA 2x, AF4X, Teselation:…


  1. They are simular to echother, but windiws wins this one for sure… Funny when it comes from me, a Linux user XD
    Never the less, it is stil ein BETA and I would like to see what the developers of metro can do :3

  2. 0_O well , Im alright with that quality difference . I hope the opengl version gets some work thought  , I know more can be done in opengl even if it is behind directx in quality .

  3. Linux doesn't use Tessellation and the overall shading quality (lights, shadows and effects) is lower. The particle effects on Linux are also quite minimal (2:00).
    At 2:08 it's clearly visible that the scene in Linux doesn't use any form of ambient occlusion.

    At 1:45 it's also quite obvious that the glass effect is missing with Linux.

    The difference are quite substantial. OpenGL was able to compete with DirectX9.0c in the old days but DirectX11 is miles ahead and OpenGL hasn't much improved lately. For lower-end systems it might be interesting to see whats faster on the lowest settings. 

  4. is this a OpenGL to OpenGL comparison ?

    depending on the openGL version they used for the linux/mac version, some stuff could appear a little different.

    Anyway not a big deal. Looks pretty good for a 1.0 version. Most people won't notice.

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