Microsoft Bob on Windows 10?

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In this video, I’ll be attempting to install Microsoft Bob from 1995 on a Windows 10 VM.

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  1. I’m thinking that there were a bunch of aliases that failed to create in each folder that linked to the original files in the root directory for Bob. I don’t know why it failed to create them but It probably did this to save on memory because you didn’t have hundreds of gigs of memory like you do today. If I were to install bob onto the computer I now know to make aliases for every single item needed, and then copy those aliases to each folder just so it would work exactly the same way as it probably did back on 95.

  2. @3:31 back in day Windows installers always opens automatically the installed directory right after the setup is completed. That is for people who dont want to search the program they installed. WinRAR still automatically opens the program dir on Windows 10 after the setup is done.

  3. The DLL thing is probably either a path issue, as some have mentioned, or due to changes in where Windows accepts DLL's in relation to their executable (there were some changes to this sometime around Vista for security reasons)

  4. I think Windows 10 doesn't support MSBOBs method of making a system path. I think the programs are referencing an %MSBOB% path instead of c:msbob because u can change the install directory to somewhere else during install. So maybe making a system path yourself to the msbob folder would fix the errors?

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