Microsoft lumia 535 running on windows 10(How to upgrade to windows 10 from 8.1)

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Here is the review of windows 10 running on lumia 535 and in this review we will also show you how to upgrade it to windows 10..

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  1. windows 10 upgrade for lumia 535 is awesome. now you can DM on instagram. twitter videos can actualy be palyed.
    only problems is the slow charging issue. but it looks good. even the interface

  2. hii…i have lumia 535 … i tried to do as same as you did ….but it's saying that " We weren't able to find a preview build for you " and after that it's saying to alternative login…i did this option too…but it's not worked…please help to update my phone to win 10….thanks

  3. first of all.. it has slow charging issue. if u download any game like blitz brigade or real steel or any one of them, u would have display issue as if u tap on any icon u don't actually tap on it. u have to go either some left of right or something. help me with this screen resolution problem please. i am literally screwed by now >_<

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