Microsoft Lumia 650 SECRET CODES

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In this video I will show you some “secret” codes for Microsoft Lumia 650 (Windows 10).You can use this codes to see the IMEI of your phone, to check the sim lock status of your phone or to do a special reset if is not working correctly.
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Here are the codes:
*#06# IMEI Number
##634# Color + Counter
##7820# Sim Lock Status
##3282# Field Test
##777# Special Reset

This codes has been tested on Microsoft Lumia 650 but should work also on: Microsoft Lumia…


  1. You are the greatest help for unlocking my phone. I called the service provider and they gave me a correct code to unlock my windows 10 lumina 650 phone. The phone only accepts like 12 digits from the dial pad side and the telephone operator from Cricket (my service provider) did not know about the ##7820# code. When I entered the 20 digit unlock code the phone always stopped at 12 digits and would not accept anymore numbers… I entered ##7820# and the new window came up and I then entered the 20 digit code and it went in perfect. You are a lifesaver. thanks a million.

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