Microsoft October 2016 Event (HD) Full | Windows 10, Surface Studio, Paint3D and MORE

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In this event Microsoft introduce the Windows 10 Creator Update coming in Spring 2017 along with the Microsoft Surface Studio, Surface Dial, Surface Book i7, 3D in Windows 10, Paint 3D and more! Watch the whole event now and leave comment with your opinions!

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  1. Not sure , but i feel so much overwhelmed looking at innovation MS/Google/Apple (with MS being my favorite as i work in their tools) have been coming up with, i start crying when people clap for their work. any idea i stupid or sick here ??

  2. microsoft is the reason most systems are so insecure. they give access and permissions to every app company etc. they were using microsoft live at one point to monitor my computer. the most untrusted installer i know of. secondarily, they fuck up windows worse each time and make it harder to actually use the operating system efficeantly!

  3. I bought a hp laptop about 4 mouths ago top of the line 12 gig memory  1 terabit hard drive all the bells you know the drill extra 2 year warnt  I paid the cable company for 100 megs of internet speed   the internet speed tested aprox  58 megs of speed was all I could get called the cable company had them out here they are running 116 megs on there machine but here I buy what I thought was a nice computer I could have saved a hole bunch of money just getting 399.00 laptop so I get on the line with hp support now this was the biggest joke scam that I have seen in a long time here is my case number 3038484463 just so that everyone knows this is real   they tell me its in the setting and that I would have to pay for tech support well if its in the setting and I have Microsoft what does that tell you hp builds the computers Microsoft is put on the machines at the lowest setting and now we all pay again   THIS IS A GREAT LEAGLE SCAM BEFOR YOU BUY ONLINE OR LEAVE THE STORE MAKE SURE ALL IS WORKING MAKE THE SALES PERSON SHOWS YOU ALL IS WORKING AND UP TO SPEED

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