Microsoft Surface RT vs Android Tablet Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the Microsoft Surface RT Windows 8 tablet and Android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Lenovo IdeaTab S2110. Check out our video reviews of these tablets at:
(Microsoft Surface RT)
(Lenovo IdeaTab S2110)
(Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)

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  1. Windows RT is far more powerful than Android. Just too bad Android fanboys hype up Android and ruin it for the rest. If only more People would buy more Windows tablets, there would've been far more apps for Windows. Because developing apps for Windows is far easier as well.

  2. I'll be getting a 10% student discount through Microsoft, which will drop the price down to around $360. I really wish I had an excuse AND the money to get the Surface Pro.

  3. I've been debating between the Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Surface RT. I can't decide what's more important to me.. Being able to set my tablet on my desk with a kickstand, and record the lecture while typing notes, or being able to write my notes on the screen. I'm thinking it would be more useful to me to record the lecture with the Surface RT while looking at the textbook on screen, and taking any other notes on physical paper.

  4. You can get galaxy 10.1 (S pen and google maps) then use CloudOn to use MS office on android. Didn't try cloudon but u can check its website to see if it suits u !

  5. A good review as always. Thank you for this. I have the Note 10.1 and have considered a Windows 8 tab, but I really don't know why as I have all I need with this one. It's my goto when I need a laptop as is.

  6. Surface tablet better in performance but does't run all impotant p.c software.
    Also its application store is small as compared and ipad and its price is too high.

  7. For Excel an atom processor is fine but CAD CAM software tends to require at minimum a 2GHz processor and 4GB of ram, and will want to use all of it. My 2.1GHz Core 2 Duo laptop struggles beyond very basics Inventor

  8. should i go for a tablet with windows or a tablet with android? on one hand big game titles like far cry 3, skyrim etc are only for windows. on the other hand there is way more apps and games for android

  9. You'll want to get a tablet with an Intel Atom or Intel Core i5 CPU if you need to replace your laptop and run all PC apps rather than just ones from the app store.

  10. I'm sorry, but after watching that review I have to say that it's still very biased towards Win 8 RT. Every time a feature was "compared" 3-5 minutes was always spend describing the RT and about 45 sec on an Android tablet. In fact, 75% of the video was talking about the RT in comparison to the other 2 COMBINED. Go ahead, measure the time for yourselves. Lisa did "give credit where it was due" to the androids, but it felt rushed in an attempt to get back to talking about the RT again.

  11. Hey Lisa, i'm currently in high school and are looking to buy a tablet that is very portable. I want it to be fun to use as well as good for work, i dont care as much about the camera but it does need to have a usb port and windows 8. I have been looking at the microsoft surface but i want to know about other ones as well… do you know any that are like this and not too expensive, and are android tablets good for work i.e. the samsung note 10.1? Cheers if your reply asap 🙂

  12. Given the price difference between the WinRT Tabs and the Android tab, I would expect the WinRT tabs to win hands down. Samsung is £281 Surface is £399, Ideatab is £690. Lots to like about the surface, but its weight and dimensions I don't like.

  13. surface RT: dumbed down desktop OS
    android tablet/ipad: beefed up phone OS
    I have all three of them. in terms of core functionality like multitasking, web browsing, content creation, surface RT is pretty much a super set of android and ipad. But it's new, it's less polished, it's a bit buggy here and there. But overall, surface RT still beats the other two easily.

  14. Hi Lisa!

    I love the way u make it easy to understand how the different tablets work but i am still very confused as what to chose and maybe you could help me?
    I am going back to school next year and want something slim, light, easy, fun and have all the necessities for taking notes in school, downloading possible reference books etc. everything the modern person use to make school life easier.
    what would you recommend for the future?

  15. The Lenovo wins for me.

    For $399 you can get the tablet and the dock.

    Note 10.1 is very compelling but at $450 for just the tablet and S-Pen functionality isn't worth $50 more and no dock. (for my uses)

    Surface RT is just too gimped and you'll be paying minimum $600 for the Atom version or $800-$1000+ for an i5 version.

  16. I know of two (these are the cheapest I've found that run Win 8 (not RT):
    Theres the Acer Iconia W510-1666 and the Samsung Series 5 Slate. Both are about $600 and both are $750 with removable keyboard (I like the samsung better because It looks less odd with the keyboard on)

  17. Lisa, you are my favourite tech reviewer, am following you on Google+, and lap up all the video and written reviews you manage to churn up. About the Note 10.1, Samsung makes a gorgeous keyboard dock specifically for the Note10.1.. have been using it and it's a great typing experience. The tablet slots in horizontally into it and it's sturdy, heavy enough and the touch typing is almost as good as the Lenovo.

  18. Hello Lisa,

    My parents are looking for a tablet. They are not tech saavy at all. They have no experience. what would be something you would recommend for them to get started and will be easier for them? your advice is appreciated. Thanks

  19. maybe you dont understand my question. Why would you buy an ipad ever, if you could get a tablet that could do everything an ipad could do, and do most of what a desktop can do… based on your logic what market is there for a $600 + ipad?

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