Microsoft Windows 8 Tutorial Part 03 of 12: The Start Menu

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Windows 8 Tutorial for Beginners, Level 1, This is lesson 3 of 12. Learn more about Windows 8 at In this Windows 8 Tutorial, you will learn:

03. The Start Menu (15:01)
Click vs. Tap Terminology
Lock Screen
Logging On
Start Menu
Live Tiles
Run an App
Close an App
All Apps
Unpin From Start
Pin To Start
Resize Tiles
Move Tiles
Pinch to Zoom
Zoomed Out Tile View
Charms Bar Overview
Sign Out
Shut Down Computer


  1. Last night during shut down the computer installed updates, today the hand is no longer there to close apps or pages. it has the X. Is this what Microsoft has decided to do, Remove the hand.?

  2. My computer just lost signal again while I'm listening to this vid, is this because of inactivity? I don't think it has done that when I'm listening to music.

  3. Oh geez…its sure lots of different to win7.. I guess i have to update myself and start to learn win 8.. Am excited though…i have to wait 1 more month to get my win 8 laptop..thank you for explain it..very clearly explain step by step.

  4. Thank you for your excellent series Richard – very well done. I have just upgraded to Windows 8 with a new computer and would be totally lost without your guidance. Watching it now for the second time, and will probably need to keep these close at hand for future reference.

  5. Thank You very much sir for making these tutorial videos. You explain how to use Windows 8 in a very understanding way. You have a great voice for narrating and you have built up my confidence in using my new Laptop that has Windows 8. I didn't know how to work my new laptop until I viewed your first 4 videos. I still have to view your other videos but I know I can feel confident I can operate it OK. I'm not very computer savvy but thanks to you Im becoming efficient in the use of Windows 8.

  6. Dear Friend. According to my knowledge, when we click on the Start button in the previous versions of Windows (not all), the Start Menu appears. So your lessons are based on the Windows 8. That is why I mentioned the word "Menu" as the wrong word. Once again, according to my knowledge, the correct word should be "Screen". (Start Menu – Start Screen). If I am wrong, correct me also please. Have a good day.

  7. At the perfect level for first-time computer owner. You explain jargon and names that others assume are widely known. , I grew up in an era when "nerd" meant scholarly, so I'm not sure I don't want to know some things, but understand they are comprehensible only to those who have mastered the fundamentals. Thank you!

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