Microsoft’s Windows 10 S event in 7 minutes

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At its New York City event today, Microsoft unveiled the new Surface Laptop and the Windows 10 S operating system to take on the education market. The announcements today position Microsoft to take on Google’s Chromebook and Chrome OS, offering lightweight versions to appeal to students, teachers, and school administrators.


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  1. Great use that windows s whatever great great great!!!!! Reduce number of future competitors prepare better future not for US but for us :D. Tell you what you should ban all other OSes on university level also yeah do that good idea 🙂

  2. it's like chrome OS with play store, and it's used in school, so why you think it's a big deal photoshop? Those pc will cost $200 and from that pc I really will not expect it to even run photoshop with 4/3 layers!

  3. 1:18 "10 S will log in in 15 seconds, 10 Pro will log in in 30-40 seconds"
    Propping up your new product by bashing your better product. This, boys and girls, is why making competing products is retarded.

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  5. I just saw a video that shows W10 S being fully scalable down to a phone size screen. If they can get the apps and put this on a phone it will change the game for Microsoft. This would be their answer to iOS and MacOS except they are the same OS.

  6. Again I see a failure. Limiting it to only the Windows Store is bad, store apps are not real programs, they are flooded with crap and it's meant to be for phones and tablets. For that price Google Chromecast will win because they are a lot cheaper. If you upgrade to Windows Pro then the speed and lightweight improvements are thrown out the window. Yet again, just a gimmick, Microsoft reminds me of Nintendo quite a lot. Make up your mind, have a product made to compete with Chromecast, or a product to compete with Macbook, you can't be in between and fail at both. Stupid.

  7. I hope this garbage fire dies quickly. Seriously, M$ has no clue what its customers want anymore. Why couldn't we have gotten real color management in Creator's Update, for example?

  8. So many people commenting about them comparing it to the Macbook Air instead of the newer Macbooks…
    The lowest-end model of the Surface Laptop ships with an i5 7200u, and the Macbook ships with a Core M 5y71.
    The i5 7200u outperforms the M 5y71 by 55%.
    The Macbook Air ships with an i5 5250u, which outperforms the new Macbook's M 5y71 by over 20%.
    The resolution is almost the same. (2256×1504 vs 2304×1440)
    The Macbook has a keyboard with almost no travel that most people dislike.
    The Macbook has a single type-c and no other input, aside from the headphone jack.

    Gee, I sure wonder why they compared it to a laptop that is more universally liked, has better I/O AND is more powerful than the newer Macbooks.

  9. Go check Microsoft market value. Microsoft earn so much extra money from customers who don't know what the laptop exact price. I am an expert I know this new Surface Laptop only worth $499. so $999 Microsoft can earn $500 from the basic model.

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