Migrating User Profiles with Windows Easy Transfer – Microsoft 70-680: 1.6

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See our entire index of Microsoft MCTS 70-680 videos at – Many users would like to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7, but there’s no direct upgrade path available. In this video, you’ll learn how to use Windows Easy Transfer to facilitate a smooth side-by-side or wipe-and-load migration between other operating systems and Windows 7.


  1. I need help, I was working with an intern copy files from old machines to new machines but for one particular user he did not check if the migration was successful as a result we have one corrupt MIG.file. Is there any way i can recovery the files in the MIG file?. Thanks

  2. Don't bother getting a Win8 cert as yet. It is still a new entity. The MCTS expires in July, so go for that one if you know your stuff. And I think it is highly valued by employers. Just do a google search to find out. CompTIA A+ is a good generic PC cert to get too.

  3. Win7 is still a very viable and widely required OS to know as it will be around for another 10 years probably (much like XP). Win8 isnt selling very well for a number of reasons, a major one of which is that it just SUCKS on machines without a touch screen interface. You also have to keep in mind that (most) businesses arent going to "upgrade" to the latest Windows OS until they absolutely have to bc of cost. Most business environments will use Win XP – Win7 for their client systems.

  4. I'm having trouble finding good info online and I was wondering if somebody could help me out. Is this still a good cert to get? I see that it is still offered. Or is it better to go out and attain the Win8 cert? Thanks in advance.

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