Mikrotik L2TP For Windows Clients

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A quick tutorial on configuring Mikrotik for Windows clients. Includes configuring Windows XP and Windows 7 clients.

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  1. Still useable for RouterOS 6.35.4. But add firewall rules for Protocol 6 (TCP) destination port 1701, Protocol 17 (UDP) destination port 500, Protocol 50 (IPsec-AH) and Protocol 51 (IPsec-ESP). All on the Input chain of course.

  2. Your videos have been a big help to me, Greg. I have this working almost perfectly. Some options seem to have changed (I'm on a RG450G running 6.20).  So I have all of this working fine, but when I go to connect with my iPhone (on Verizon LTE or 3G – WiFi has no problem), the connection fails.  PPTP works fine no matter how I connect (but I want to use L2TP/IPSec), so what's different and how can I fix it?  I can't seem to find the solution. Edit – got this working by playing with the peer settings under the IPSec menu.

  3. Спасибо за видео! Windows авторизуется и в интерфейсах появляется L2tp соединения(на микротике),  трафик входящий не проходит, только исходящий . Подскажешь что не так настроил ?

  4. Same for me, i followed the Mikrotik wiki and it doens't worked, now that i have disabled PFS it works instantly. Thanks so much. But one question: why are the local/remote ip settings are made in default-encryption protocol but your secret uses just default protocol?

  5. Best tutorial on the Mikrotik L2TP/IPsec that I've seen. Nice job! I messed around with the setup using the Mikrotik wiki for a few days and didn't get anywhere. Lots of good information there, but they obviously didn't have the magic sauce. After your video I had my Mac and Android phone connecting within 10 minutes. Thanks!

  6. Thanks man. This is what I was looking for. I've test it on OSX and it works :). Just a question about the encryption, How secure is 3DES ? Isn't AES-256 a better option for encryption?

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