Minecraft – Java vs. Windows 10 – Recording Performance Test

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Hardware used in the Video
Lenovo H330 Desktop
Pentium G620 (Sandy Bridge based Dual Core)
no discrete GPU

Recorded by DaneeBound
Minecraft is copyrighted to Mojang and Microsoft Studios

The Double Cherry Channel is a Joint Effort between DaneeBound and MCID (aka Let’s Dave)


  1. Childish comment: "Your pc is potato!", "I run minecraft PC smoothly, you should upgrade yours"
    84 people dislikes = 84 childrens

    Oh god please understand this video intends to, this is Comparison.
    And yet, the result is: Windows 10 Edition wins.

  2. all the dislikes… yes, we get it, mods are fantastic, but java is utter shit for performance. Having years of Java programming experience I can safely say that with full confidence. Java has had vast improvements over the years, but it's just not enough for intensive tasks like minecraft. It has a very hard limit on it's capability, and you can only take it so far. Yes, if you have a ridiculous, expensive CPU and decent graphics card you can get mods that make Java minecraft look really good, but you shouldn't have to put thousands of dollars into your computer to get 2008-level shaders to work in your copy of minecraft. C++ is a MUCH better future for minecraft. It's objectively just better. The complaint is not about java vs. C++, everyone's just mad at microsoft's limitiations and skin-purchasing crap. Yeah that sucks, but don't blame it on the BETTER performance of their version. That is undeniably a huge perk of the win10 version, and console versions too (they also run on C++).

  3. People calling C++ faster than Java are correct.

    However, the differences we're seeing here aren't likely to be caused by the choice of language. Java has an overhead when each function is first hit and you can expect random performance blips when the garbage collector runs, but this is consistent.

    Most of the heavy lifting is done by C libraries in both cases. So I'm going to put it down to badly optimised code in the Java version.

    Random allocation, bad access patterns, pointless state switches in the renderer. for it to be this big a difference there are real, human, mistakes in the code.

  4. So that's the problem, I've got a Windows 10 laptop, and when I'm trying to run the original Minecraft, it has frame-rate problems, but when I'm running Minecraft Windows 10, it works fine.

  5. C++ only wins in performance, I can run maxed out graphics and render distance in win10 w/ over 80fps on average but I bet barely 40 with a 20 chunk render distance and high graphics settings on java. Win10 edition still makes you pay for skins n shit, the highlighting of blocks is also ugly as hell. The ui is trash and it doesn't help needing win10 to play. Java wins in every other aspect tho

  6. lol lmao, your pc sucks its not our problem, minecraft java or pc is way more better, it has more than 100 fectures than the windows 10/pe edition, this is why it might lag on old pcs so deal with it.

  7. They should make the Win 10 version have all the same features as the Java version while retaining efficiency and kill off the Java version. Including Vulkan and DX12 will change a lot too.

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