Mint Linux 18: Create bootable USB Device to Install Mint Linux or Run Live

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A tutorial on how to create a bootable USB flash (stick) drive to either install Mint 18 or run Mint 13 Live.

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Mint Live:
To Try Mint 18 boot into the USB Drive. The first screen you come to will ask if you want to “Try” or “Install” Mint Linux.



  1. I'm running Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa, and have an issue with a 45-second delay of accessing and displaying the Desktop after I enter the password. Any idea on how to reduce this delay? Thanks

  2. Quick question, if you want to /always/ use the live boot (instead of dual boot) in order to test out the OS (for a couple of weeks for example), I'm guessing you need to set a persistent file size for storing changes? If so, what is the max/min you need to allocate? Can you just put the slide all the way to the right? Or does that not leave space for the linux mint OS?

  3. I am new with linux mint , i love it , but now i want download another version of Mint , for my brother
    its not easy to see a Tutorial , how download another Mint with mint and make a bootable
    i am freaking out , its harder then o tough , after dumping windows i can not create other bootable
    please if someone knows any video , showing step by step how make a bootable linux mint USB , with a Linux mint PC
    thank you for this video , for me its very hard

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